Who are Yerpun and Valentina?

With an inviting cabaceo from across a crowed dance floor, Yerpun and Valentina met and are now together to share their love of tango with you. They are dancers, teachers and performers whose goal is to develop and express themselves through dance while supporting and nurturing their tango community, beginners and advanced dancers alike. They are enthusiastic, dedicated and courageous and choose to live their passion with heart and soul as both work and pleasure. Having been through various life experiences to arrive at this point, they look to tango for it’s amazing quality of obliging us to live in the present moment.

How would they describe tango?

In tango we experience the ‘abrazo,’ something that is undervalued in our hectic, fast-paced and often stressful lives. The abrazo is a means to connect, to slow down, to be present and to feel the embrace of another. It nurtures the soul just as a hug does.

In that vein, this inspiring dance offers many things. It gives us a means to communicate, listen, connect and share with people as well as discover ourselves.  Tango develops body awareness, understanding and intuition, a connection to the breath.  Tango is inspiring, therapeutic, liberating and fun, and very importantly, it invites us to fully experience the magic of the present moment.

Tango and improvisation are one in the same. The essence of the dance is not a series of steps or combinations. It is an arena that stimulates and generates a thirst to learn. It allows us to develop and grow in movement, knowledge and creativity.

What they offer:

Tango can be compared to a garden of flowers ready to bloom. Once nourished with healthy soil, sun and water, they blossom into their own unique brand of beauty, each offering its own purpose and vitality as a contribution to a vibrant, colorful and compelling the garden.

Tango is very similar. Dancers require technique and core concepts. Once assimilated into the mind and body, they are free to express themselves on the dance floor through their imagination, using their technique as a base. Each dancer adds a unique personality and inventiveness  which creates the enchanting magic of the milonga.

Yerpun and Valentina’s role is to provide each of their students with the necessary foundation, tools, technique and encouragement to ensure that they not only have the intellectual understanding of the dance, but also the ability to translate these concepts into the body. They do not offer a formula or a style but rather the knowledge from which we create our own dance identity, personality and freedom. Through Dans Tango, Yerpun and Valentina invite you to classes, weekly milongas, tango events and performances. In addition, they promote tango talent by inviting visiting dancers/teachers, musicians and artists to contribute to the local tango community.